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Rene Feser

renefeser at sasktel dot net


Playoffs Round 2


“A” Side

Macklin Blue Vs Eston 1
Eston 2 Vs Kindersley 2

Macklin White Vs Unity Grant
Unity Gilbert Vs Kindersley 1

“B” Side

Cut Knife Vs Biggar 
Kerrobert Vs Wilkie

Eatonia/Leader Vs Dodsland 1
Kindersley 3 Vs Rosetown

This round is to be completed by March 7, the winner of each match up will move on to their respective final series. The losing team is eliminated. Again I am asking the home teams of each game to send the game date and times to me to be entered on the website. I would appreciate it if i could have these as soon as possible.

Posted on 02/22/2016