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Congratulations to Macklin and Kerrobert who advanced into the H14  Pee Wee finals.
The finals will be a best of three series.
Good luck to both teams who have represented our league so well all season. Please remember, as this is a final, to be sure we follow the officiating guidelines as stated in the constitution.
Safe travels and good hockey to everyone. Should be a fanatastic final.
Posted on 03/16/2016

Second round

The first round is complete (almost) and the second round match-ups have been set.
Championship pool
Kerrobert vs. NB2
Macklin vs. Rosetown 1

Leader vs. Biggar
Kindersley 2 vs. Dinsmore

B Side:
Eston vs. winner of NB4 and Rosetown 2
Unity Red vs. loser of NB4 and Rosetown 2

Please have the series completed by March 14.

Please forward your schedules so we can enter them onto the website.

Posted on 03/01/2016

Final Standings

Well parity made the Pee Wee south complicated for us. Congrats to all teams on such a competitive season.
We had to turn to the SHA to determine the final standings. The three teams tied with 7-6-1 records had to be seeded through accumulated points in head-to-head-to-head matchups.
Kindersley 2 had 5 points in matchups with Rosetown 2 and Dinsmore. (2-1-1)
Dinsmore had 4 points in matchups with Rosetown 2 and Kindersley 2. (2-2)
Rosetown 2 had 3 points in games with Kindersley 2 and Dinsmore. (1-2-1)

So the final standings in the south is as follows
1. Rosetown 1
2. Leader/Eat/FV
3. Kindersley 2
4. Dinsmore
5. Rosetown 2
6. Dodsland/Eston
7. Kindersley 1
8. Outlook

Thank you and good luck in the playoffs.
Please submit your playoff schedules once they are determined.
Posted on 02/14/2016

League Playoff Format

Following the completion of our regular season North and South Division team standings will be finalized. If necessary tie breaks will be determined in accordance with Section 3.08.1, "Tie Breaking Procedure" of the  2015-2016 SHA Constitution, Bylaws & Regulations.

Round 1 of League playoffs will follow a crossover format as follows:

League Championship Playoffs

1st place North vs. 4th place South
2nd place North vs. 3rd place South
3rd place North vs. 2nd place South
4th place North vs. 1st place South

League B-Side Championship Playoffs

5th place North vs. 6th place South
6th place North vs. 5th place South

Consolation Playoffs

7th place North and 7th & 8th places South will play a three team round robin to determine the Consolation winner. As per our discussion at the League meeting managers for these three teams are to reach mutual agreement as to the format for the Consolation round robin (i.e. single games, home & home series...etc.)

Additional Information:

Following Round 1 of playoffs surviving teams will be reseeded according to their regular season rankings. A crossover format will be followed if possible/applicable dependent upon which teams survive Round 1. The League Championship series will be completed over three rounds; the B-Side Champion will be determined in two rounds.

Preliminary rounds in the League Championship Series are two game, total point; the League Championship Final series is a best-of-three. In the event of a South-North match up for the League Championship home ice advantage will be awarded to the team with the highest regular season Win Percentage. (Should both finalists have identical Win Percentages SHA Tie Break procedures will apply.)

All rounds of the B-Side Championship are two game, total point.
Posted on 02/03/2016

Regular Season Games to be Completed by February 14th

A reminder to all teams that our regular season games are to be completed no later than February 14th. Following the close of our regular season League playoff match-ups will be determined with our first round of playoffs to be completed by February 28th.
Posted on 01/20/2016

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